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Unlock Your Future in Australia with the Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485)

Introduction to Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485)

Explore the gateway to your future in Australia with the Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485). Designed for international graduates, this visa offers a unique opportunity to stay, work, and study in Australia, paving the way for a bright career ahead.

Key Benefits of the Temporary Graduate Visa
  • Extended Stay in Australia: Enjoy the privilege of living in Australia for up to 6 years, depending on your visa stream.
  • Work Experience: Gain valuable Australian work experience, enhancing your career prospects.
  • Pathway to Permanent Residency: Utilize this visa as a stepping stone towards achieving permanent residency in Australia.
Streamlined Visa Streams for Diverse Needs
  • Graduate Work Stream: Tailored for individuals with skills and qualifications relevant to specific occupations Australia needs.
  • Post-Study Work Stream: Ideal for recent graduates from Australian institutions, allowing you to work and live in Australia temporarily.
  • Second Post-Study Work Stream & Replacement Stream: Offers extended opportunities for those who studied in regional Australia or were affected by travel restrictions.

Eligibility Criteria: Your Pathway to Applying

Ensure you meet the eligibility requirements to streamline your visa application process:

Under 50 years of age

Holder of an eligible visa

Recent graduate from a CRICOS-registered course

Fulfill specific stream requirements

2023 Visa Extension Update: Expanding Your Opportunities

Stay informed about the latest extensions for select degrees in areas of skill shortage, notably extending the stay for PhD qualifications and certain Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. This update opens new doors for extended work and study opportunities in Australia, especially for graduates in critical sectors like nursing, engineering, and IT.

Simplified Application Process: Your Guide to Success

Applying for the Temporary Graduate Visa is a seamless online process. Ensure you have all required documents ready and understand the complete checklist provided by the Department of Home Affairs to ensure a successful application.

Your Australian Dream Starts Here

The Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) is your key to unlocking the potential of your career in Australia. With opportunities for extended stays, work experience, and a pathway to permanent residency, this visa offers everything you need to start your post-graduation journey in Australia. Start planning your future today and explore the possibilities that await with the Temporary Graduate Visa.

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    Warwick Institute of Australia
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    TMG College Australia
    Technical Education Development Institute
    St Peter Institute
    Southern Cross Education Institute
    Salford College of Business and Hospitality
    Sacred Heart International College
    Pax Institute of Education
    Navitas Professional Year
    Melbourne City College Australia
    Lead College
    International House Sydney
    International College Victoria
    Education Centre of Australia
    Della International College
    Danford College
    Central Australian College
    Baxter Institute – Engineering Campus
    ATMC Professional Year
    ALTEC College
    Acumen Institute of Further Education
    Skilled Up
    CIC higher education
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