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This is a permanent visa under SkillSelect from 1 July 2012. Applicants for this visa must be nominated by a State/Territory government.

General criteria

Primary applicants for this visa

  • must have lodged an expression of interest (EOI) and have received an invitation to apply [Schedules 1 and 2 criteria], and
  • must submit an application online within the prescribed period [Schedule 1 criterion], and
  • may be either in or outside Australia at time of application [Schedule 1 criterion] and at time of decision [Schedule 2 criterion], and
  • if in Australia at time of application, must hold either a substantive visa, or a bridging visa A (010), B (020) or C (030) [Schedule 1 criterion], and
  • at time of invitation to apply, must be aged under 45 (lowered from 50 as of 1 July 2017) and,
  • at time of invitation to apply, must have at least ‘competent English’,
  • must nominate a prescribed skilled occupation on MLTSSL/STSOL, and which is consistent with that specified in the invitation to apply, and
  • must have applied for assessment of their qualifications by a relevant assessing body for that nominated occupation, and
  • at time of invitation to apply, the assessing body must have completed assessment of the applicant’s qualifications to be suitable for the nominated occupation, and
  • if the applicant’s qualifications were obtained in Australia whilst on a student visa, the applicant must have studied in a registered course, and
  • must pass the points test
  • and obtained a score which must be no less than that specified in the invitation to apply


Nomination requirements

  • Applicant must be nominated by a State/Territory government, and
  • the nominating State/Territory has not withdrawn the nomination.
  • An applicant would need to meet the nomination criteria of the sponsoring State/Territory, for example the Victorian government’s website outlines its requirements,63 including
  • Occupation being on the State skilled occupations list,
  • Suitability and transferability of occupation, qualifications and skills to the needs of the State labour market,
  • Demand for the particular occupation, skill and expertise in the State, and
  • Ability and commitment to long term settlement in the State following grant of the 190 visa.

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