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The number of points available will be determined by the applicant’s age bracket. There will be no points available for age after the candidate reaches the age of 55, and state or territory governments will have to ask for a waiver of the age limit for those over 55. 

Points  Age Band 
20  Between 18 and 24 
30  Between 25 and 32 
25  Between 33 and 39 
20  Between 40 and 44 
15  Between 45 and 54 
0  55 and over 

 Ability  in English: 

 For the new business migration subclasses, there is no minimum English language requirement. Applicants with less-than-functional English, on the other hand, will be required to pay an English Language Fee before receiving their visas. 

There are points available for: 

  • 5 points for vocational English (5 minimum in each of the four IELTS components) 
  • English proficiency (7 minimum in each of the four IELTS components): 10 points 


 5 points will be awarded to those having trade credentials, diplomas, or bachelor’s degrees. Qualifications must be granted by an Australian or internationally recognized institution. 

 If the qualification is in business, science, or technology, 10 points are available. 

Business or Investment Experience 

 Points are available for an experience that is relevant to the stream being applied for — for example, employment experience as a business owner would be considered relevant for the business innovation stream. 

 The following are the points available to business owners (188A): 

Points  Owned a business for at least: 
10  4 of the last 5 years prior to the invitation 
15  7 of the last 8 years prior to invitation 

 Investors (188B) who have held authorized investments of at least AUD 100,000 prior to being invited can earn the following points: 

Points  Held eligible investment of AUD 100,000: 
10  Last 4 years 
15  Last 7 years 

 Net Personal Assets 

Points will be available for net personal assets held for the last 2 financial years: 

Points  Net assets held for last 2 financial years 
5  AUD 800,000 to 1.3 Million 
15  AUD 1.3 million to 1.8 million 
25  AUD 1.8 million to 2.25 million 
35  Over AUD 2.25 million 

 Turnover in the Business: 

 The applicant will be given points for the amount of money he or she makes in a business that he or she owns. Prior to applying, you must have met the turnover criterion in two of the previous four years: 

Points  Business turnover for 2 of the last 4 financial years 
5  AUD 500,000 to 1.0 million 
15  AUD 1.0 million to 1.5 million 
25  AUD 1.5 million to 2.0 million 
35  Over AUD 2.0 million 


Points can be awarded in a number of items under this factor, for instance: 

  • 15 points: patents or designs that are registered  
  • 10 points: Registered trademarks 
  • 5 points: Joint Ventures 
  • 15 points: Export Trade: where the ventures have a  turnover of at least 50% in exports 
  • 10 points: Gazelle Businesses: where the business has had 20% annual growth for the last 3 financial years 
  • 10 points: Grants or Venture Capital Funding: government grants of at least AUD 10,000 or venture capital funding of at least AUD 100,000 will give eligibility for points 

State/Territory Government Special Endorsement 

State and territory governments can help applicants by stating that the proposed enterprise will benefit the state or territory in a unique and significant way. The visa applicant receives ten points as a result of this. 

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