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As proof of your relationship, please supply the following documents:

  • Details about your relationship with your partner if you’re migrating.
  • a signed written statement, either individually or jointly, explaining the history of your partnership.
  • If you or your sponsor has been married before, please produce a copy of the official divorce certificate or the deceased spouse’s death certificate (as appropriate)
  • any children from the relationship’s full birth certificates (copies)
  • evidence of a 12-month de facto connection between you and your spouse prior to filing your application


The following are some examples of this evidence:

You can use the following evidence to show us you’re in a genuine and stable relationship:

  • Certificates of marriage or civil union
  • For any children you share, birth certificates are required.
  • cards, letters, emails, and chats on social media
  • images of you and your sponsor together at various times
  • indication that others are aware of your connection
  • evidence that you and your partner make decisions and plans together
  • evidence that you and your partner are parents
  • evidence that you spend time together in your spare time
  • a shared leasing arrangement or a mortgage
  • mail addressed to you all arriving at the same time and place
  • accounts in a combined name
  • You should be able to show that you and your partner own assets together.
  • Hire purchase agreements or shared credit cards
  • Shared lease agreements, joint local government registration at the same address, mortgage paperwork, council rate notices, utility bills)
  • provisions of your will evidence that your connection has been declared to any relevant government organizations (for example, Centrelink or the Australian Taxation Office) (s)
  • Evidence of contact between two people during a period of separation. (For instance, itemized phone bills, printouts from your E-Mail inbox folder, envelopes with personal letters, and so on.)
  • any other evidence that you believe reflects a real and continuing relationship (for example, joint membership in a club, evidence of vacations spent together (such as photos and travel tickets), or similar interests or activities).


The items listed above are simply ideas. You must offer sufficient evidence to show that the relationship is continuing and genuine. This proof should illustrate how long the relationship has been going on for.

Note that further proof may be requested and considered in the evaluation of your application.

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