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If a single child’s parents have died, are unable to care for them, or cannot be found, the Subclass 117 Visa, commonly known as the Orphan Relative Visa, allows them to come to Australia to live with a relative. This visa would allow the child to become a permanent resident of Australia, allowing him or her to work and study there. As a sponsor, he or she must provide housing and financial aid to the child for the first two years of his or her stay in Australia.


Criteria for eligibility
  1. Have a sponsor – The sponsor must be an eligible Australian relative, that is, a citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen. A child’s siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, or the child’s present spouse or de facto partner are all eligible relatives. Furthermore, the relative must be a permanent resident of Australia. In most cases, ‘settling’ indicates that a person has been legally present in Australia for at least two years. The case officer will also assess whether the sponsor or the sponsor’s partner has been charged with child-related offenses before approving the visa application.
  2. The child must be under the age of eighteen.

They don’t have a parent who can look after them. – The child’s parent is unable to care for the child because of one of the following:

  1. Deceased
  2. Incapable of caring for the child indefinitely
  3. Can’t seem to find it
  4. Consent– The child’s sponsor must have given his or her permission to bring the child to Australia. Permission from the court, for example, may be required for the child to leave his or her home country.
  5. Comply with health-related requirements
  6. Comply with the character requirements
  7. It must also be in the child’s best interests to bring the youngster to Australia.

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