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Explore the Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Subclass 400 Visa for Short-Term Assignments

Looking to undertake short-term, highly specialized work in Australia? The Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Subclass 400 Visa might be your pathway. Whether it’s contributing to Australia’s interests or fulfilling a specialized need, this visa streamlines the process for skilled individuals seeking short stays.

Visa Overview

The Subclass 400 Visa caters to individuals with skills crucial for specific projects or endeavors within Australia. It allows for short stays, typically less than three months, although extensions up to six months are possible under special circumstances.

Eligibility Streams

Highly Specialised Work Stream

For individuals showcasing expertise not readily available in Australia, especially in areas like overseas technology. Projects should be non-ongoing, with a focus on completing tasks within three months, although extensions may be considered.

Australia’s Interests Stream

Reserved for situations significantly impacting Australia’s interests, such as major disasters or diplomatic endeavors, where a person’s contribution brings substantial benefits.

Application Process

Applying for the Subclass 400 Visa is straightforward and typically done online. No sponsorship or nomination is required, making it accessible for skilled workers seeking short-term opportunities in Australia.

Common Scenarios

In times of urgency, such as a backlog of work due to extreme weather conditions, this visa facilitates the entry of skilled professionals to assist for up to three months.

However, for ongoing roles like a Store Manager, alternative visa options should be explored, as the Subclass 400 Visa is tailored for short-term, non-ongoing tasks.

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At Global Vision Migration, we specialize in navigating Australia’s visa landscape. Our experienced team can assess your eligibility and guide you through the application process, ensuring a smooth journey from start to visa approval.

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With the Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Subclass 400 Visa, skilled professionals can embark on short-term assignments in Australia hassle-free. Whether it’s contributing to critical projects or fulfilling specialized roles, this visa opens doors to diverse opportunities Down Under. Let Global Vision Migration be your partner in navigating this exciting journey.

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