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Adoption Visa: This visa allows an adopted child from another country to live in Australia with their adoptive parents.


  • A citizen of Australia
  • An Australian permanent residence visa holder
  • A citizen of New Zealand who qualifies
  • When the application is submitted and the visa is granted, the child must be outside of Australia.


  • When the application is submitted and the visa is granted outside of Australia
  • If you are under the age of eighteen, you are considered a minor.
  • Whether you’ve been adopted or are in the process of being adopted,
  • An adoptive parent or a potential adoptive parent sponsors the event.


This visa allows a kid who has been adopted outside of Australia to reside with their adoptive parents in Australia.


The child must have been adopted or be on the verge of adoption.

Duration of stay



Starting at AUD 2,665


Who might be eligible for this visa?

This visa is frequently applied for on behalf of the child by an adoptive parent.

The youngster must meet the following requirements in order to obtain the visa:

  • be under the age of eighteen
  • be based outside of Australia
  • their sponsor has already adopted them or is in the process of adopting them
  • needs for health and character
  • This visa is not available to children who are under the age of 18 at the time of application but will turn 18 before the application is decided.
  • The child must also be sponsored by an adoptive parent who meets the following criteria:
    • a citizen of Australia
    • a permanent residence visa holder in Australia, or
    • a New Zealand citizen who qualifies

In the child’s best interests

If it is in the best interests of a child under the age of 18, this visa will likely not be granted.


Certain health requirements must be met. The outcomes are usually good for a year. This also applies to any family members who are included in your application, whether or not they are relocating.


A child must meet specific character requirements if he or she is over the age of 16. They must be able to show a police certificate from any nation where they lived for 12 months or longer in the previous ten years after turning 16. Do not obtain police certificates until we request them.

Government of Australia debts

The child must have no outstanding debts to the Australian government or have made arrangements to pay off any outstanding debts.

Concerning the Adoption Visa

The Adoption visa (subclass 102) allows a kid to live with their adoptive parent in Australia. It’s possible that the child has already been adopted or is in the process of being adopted. Adoptive parents frequently sponsor their children for this visa and apply on their behalf.

This is a visa that allows you to stay in the country indefinitely. You can file the application before the adoption is finalized if the adoption is handled by a state or territorial adoption authority.

Note: Beginning December 14, 2015, the Department will not be able to accept applications for adoption visas for children who have been adopted in Pakistan. A legislative instrument identifies this country.

If you intend to adopt a child from Pakistan or have already adopted a child from Pakistan, you will be unable to submit a valid application for the child’s Adoption visa with the Department.

What the child can accomplish with this visa

  • It gives the youngster the ability to:
  • Indefinite travel to and stay in Australia
  • In Australia, you can work and study.
  • Enroll in Medicare, Australia’s health-care and expense-reimbursement program.
  • seek for citizenship in Australia (if they are eligible)
  • Relatives who are eligible for permanent residency can be sponsored.

Guardianship of adopted children from other countries

If an adoption is not completed or recognized by a state or territory adoption authority when the child arrives in Australia, the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection becomes the child’s guardian. The powers of guardianship are transferred to state and territorial welfare agencies.

If any of the following events occur, the minister ceases to be the guardian:

  • The child becomes a citizen of Australia.
  • the child reaches the age of eighteen
  • The youngster is placed for adoption in Australia.

When the application is filed and when it is decided, the kid must be outside of Australia.

How long will the visa be valid?

This is a visa that allows you to stay in the country indefinitely.


It’s possible that you’ll be able to include your child in your visa application. Any minors included in the visa application must meet the rules for family members.

Documentary evidence of their relationship to you must be included in the application. Children who are part of your family unit must be able to demonstrate that they are healthy and have good character.

Each of your siblings will have to submit their own application.

Obligations of the child

All Australian regulations and visa conditions must be followed by the youngster. This includes the following:

  • arriving in Australia by a certain date
  • prior to coming in Australia, not marrying or engaging into a de facto relationship

If your circumstances change in a way that could affect the kid’s visa eligibility or your ability to sponsor the child, you must notify us in writing.


This guide is for anyone interested in sponsoring a kid for an adoption visa (subclass 102).

The sponsoring parent is usually the one who prepares the necessary documentation and submits the application.

Who is eligible to sponsor a child?

To be a sponsoring parent, you must meet the following criteria:

  • the adoptive or potential adoptive parent of the kid
  • older than the age of eighteen

You must be able to:

  • a citizen of Australia
  • a permanent resident of Australia
  • a New Zealand citizen who qualifies

To sponsor a child for this visa, you do not need to be in Australia. If you have the following, you can sponsor the child for this visa:

  • You have already visited Australia, but you are now outside the country when they apply.
  • You’ve been given an Australian permanent residence visa, but you haven’t yet arrived in the country.
Obligations of the sponsor

We can seek for a guarantee of support for the child so that the Australian community is not burdened with the costs of some migrants’ welfare.

If we ask for it and tell you what you need to do, don’t give us a promise of assistance.

Sponsorship responsibilities

You must consent to the following as the sponsoring parent:

  • be liable for the expense of the child living in Australia to the Australian government
  • For the first two years in Australia, give adequate housing and financial support to meet the child’s reasonable living needs.
  • assist the youngster in adjusting to life in Australia
  • Encourage the child to attend any English language classes that are required.

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