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If you meet the conditions for the award of a “specialist educational qualification,” you can get 10 points on the general skilled migration points test.

You must have finished one of the following:

  • Master’s degree earned by research (rather than coursework); or
  • Doctoral level of education (PhD)

The qualification must have been earned by an Australian educational institution and must have included at least two academic years of study in Australia.

The qualification must be in a field that the Department of Immigration has designated. This presently includes “STEM” (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) as well as ICT (Information and Communication Technology) (ICT).

The following are the disciplines of “specialist education”:

Broad Field of Education Narrow Field of Education
Natural and Physical Sciences Biological Sciences
Chemical Sciences
Earth Sciences
Mathematical Sciences
Natural and Physical Sciences
Other Natural and Physical Sciences
Physics and Astronomy
Information Technology Computer Science
Information Systems
Information Technology
Other Information Technology
Engineering and Related Technologies Aerospace Engineering and Technology
Civil Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Technology
Engineering and Related Technologies
Geomatic Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering and Technology
Maritime Engineering and Technology
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Technology
Other Engineering and Related Technologies
Process and Resources Engineering

If you need support with your application for General Skilled Migration, make an appointment with one of our consultants. They can analyze your eligibility and provide you with written advice on migration options that might be right for you.

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    Universities & Colleges

    Warwick Institute of Australia
    Tr4in Right
    TMG College Australia
    Technical Education Development Institute
    St Peter Institute
    Southern Cross Education Institute
    Salford College of Business and Hospitality
    Sacred Heart International College
    Pax Institute of Education
    Navitas Professional Year
    Melbourne City College Australia
    Lead College
    International House Sydney
    International College Victoria
    Education Centre of Australia
    Della International College
    Danford College
    Central Australian College
    Baxter Institute – Engineering Campus
    ATMC Professional Year
    ALTEC College
    Acumen Institute of Further Education
    Skilled Up
    CIC higher education
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